• Araceli Cabrera


    Aldich is a family business that produces flavor syrups, blends, candied and dehydrated fruit. For the preparation of its products, it makes use of its research and development laboratory, where more than 600 food formulas have been created which are sold to its main customers such as coffee shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, and gastronomy schools.

    However, the growth that Adich has today was not always present. "Thanks to FUMEC s support, the panorama was opened up for us and we developed strategies, especially in the administrative area", comments the CEO, Araceli Cabrera.

    Cabrera met the Foundation in 2014, in a conference to present the Strengthening Program for food companies that FUMEC has with COMECYT. Thanks to this rapprochement, the Program provided resources on issues of innocuousness to ensure quality in their products, allowed them to grow 30% in sales, also offered the possibility of expanding their operations outside Mexico, having as potential markets countries like Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil.

    "Before I wanted to be an all-rounder, but FUMEC taught me that I can t do everything, I need to ally myself with experts, the Foundation gave me that link with other companies in my field, which helped us grow. I didn´t t think we were going to grow the 30% that FUMEC promised me, but that´s how it was" she says.

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  • Arturo Ávila
    General Manager


    Altaser Aerospace is an established player in the aircraft engine market. In its early days, the company manufactured tooling for the aerospace industry; however, it maintained a special interest in exporting.

    With this purpose, in 2012 it began to identify strategic allies, that would contribute to achieving its business goals. In this search, it met TechBA, which accompanied its in the certification process for the aerospace sector through its network of allies in the world. This represented a competitive advantage for Altaser Aerospace which, with AS9100 certification, began to manufacture parts in alloys, triple cast chromosomes with very high tolerances.

    Honeywell and General Electric joined the Altaser Aerospace portfolio. With the promotion and support of TechBA, ProMexico, Secretariat of Economy as well as participation in national and international fairs; it began its consolidation process in the airplane engine market.

    This allowed it to have a broad portfolio of customers with long-term contracts, including one that extends until 2034.

    In October 2017, Altaser Aerospace announced an agreement with the German company Aerotech to create AT Engine, which represents a co-investment of 200 million dollars and the creation of 400 direct jobs in Sonora by having a high-value offer for the aerospace sector, particularly components for aircraft turbines.

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  • Jorge Ángel Mancera
    Commercial Manager


    For 16 years, Grupo Commercial Manrod has been producing Amarantole, powdered amaranth drink with nutritional properties and reduced in calories for consumption by the entire population, including people with diabetes.

    From the invitation of FUMEC and the Council of Science Technology and Innovation of Hidalgo to one of its support programs for Mexican companies, Jorge Ángel, Director of that company, began to develop more aggressive business objectives.

    "FUMEC made us aware of the capabilities we had to grow in. Sometimes you fill up theoretical things and it sounds wonderful, but at the moment of implementing actions, we felt that we lacked support, with FUMEC and its advisors we saw it landed the next morning.

    It was all about applying knowledge, that was the most important part for us. The consultancies allowed us to make new decisions as a result of the work plan we organized" comments Jorge Angel    

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  • Victor Cruz


    Since 1985 Asientos Precom is dedicated to the manufacture, import, marketing and development of products related to the automotive industry, mainly manufactures polyurethane and plastic seats for urban and foreign buses.

    From an invitation made by the Industrial Association of Chalco, this company came into contact with FUMEC, which with support from COMECYT, provided advice to the company for its business strengthening. 

    Thanks to this program, the company was able to access training on different topics. "The technological map supported us in aspects that perhaps we had forgotten in our strategic plan. All the advice has served us and is very valuable for us", said Victor Cruz, General Director of Asientos Precom.

    Another aspect that has been of great value for the company is the support to obtain the quality certification in  ISO / TS 16949, which is vital to realize their plans for medium and long term growth.

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  • Jonathan Trejo


    Carpol has been designing and producing polyurethane parts for the automotive industry for 30 years, which has allowed it to innovate and diversify its value offer.

    In 2015 the company came into contact with the Strengthening Program of FUMEC in collaboration with COMECYT, they agreed to carry out strategic planning and improve their quality system. This allowed them to generate new costumers, among them to generate new customers, among them Volvo company. In addition, with the support of the program, the consolidated the ISO:9000 certification.

    "We improved many areas in terms of control. Right now I see the leaks we had in terms of costs better and that means we can still be profitable, even with the dollar rising" says Jonathan Trejo, Director of Carpol.

    This company has been involved in innovation processes by integrating high-pressure machines, which will allow it to eliminate the use of chlorinated solvents, a characteristic that its customers look for in a supplier so as not to damage the ozone layer anymore. With certified quality processes and improvements in its various areas, Carpol prepares for international expansion.

    "In three years I want to have the infrastructure to be able to offer products to the international market",  he said.
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  • Gustavo García

    CloudSource IT

    The creation of an efficient innovation management model allowed CloudSourceIT to be awarded the National  Technology and Innovation Award 2018 in the chapter: Technology Management. Category: SME Services Organization.

    CloudSource IT has a seven year track record in the market, is one of the best software development companies for mobile devices in Mexico. TechBA Colombia provided support to explore new markets and formalize alliances, mainly in Latin America.

    Due to the great demand for innovative solutions it has generated, the company formed Skye Group, which integrates companies specialized in technological innovation in different niches. Its operations are in Mexico (Monterrey), the United States (Tennessee) and Colombia (Medellín).

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  • Marina López Velázquez


    El Gourmet de Marina Artesanal is a Mexican company founded by  chef Marina López Velázquez located in El Oro, State of Mexico. This company produces manufactures gourmet products such as jams, ates, rompopes and liqueurs prepared in an artisanal way.

    In 2015, thanks to an invitation from the Secretariat of Economy of the State of Mexico, López came into contact with the Strengthening Program for companies that FUMEC operates with the support from COMECYT, where it received an initial diagnosis, advice, training for the growth of its business, implement food safety measures, automate the registration of their processes, the calculation of costs and sales, in addition to having more realistic vision of what their business requiered, which has allowed them to enter the gourmet market,

    "Now I am in reality seeing what my needsare and where I am, that was the important thing: the program helped us to locate ourselves, to see where we are and what we need. From the moment we made our diagnosis we started to have links, we made our roadmap, we revised our value offer. In the medium and long term I see us having control of our sales and I see us abroad, which is the market we are looking for, as well as gourmet stores in the country, where they value that our product has excellent flavor and quality", says López. 

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  • Joshua Mendoza Jasso


    HAS-IT promotes innovation and development of Mexican technology for the military, agroindustrial, automotive and mining sectors. This company was selected as a finalist to receive the National Entrepreneur Award, the highest recognition granted by the National Entrepreneur Insitute to a company in the country.

    Joshua Mendoza Jasso, CEO of  HAS-IT, says that with TechBA s support he was able to find niches of opportunity and develop a solid sales process, in addition to knowing in depth the  SATE methodology to strengthen its offer in the domestic market.

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  • Work team


    The mexican company Meccano has developed innovative and efficient building systems through its own technologies that allow it to adapt to the needs of each project, from single-family homes to commercial buildings and civil works, such as tunnels and bridges. 

    Jalife Lozano, Innovation Director of the Meccano group, explains that among their medium-term plans are to grow in 12 more countries, which is why they participated in a validation process with CONACYT with TechBA, FUMEC s program.

    "Having access to a group of high level consultants who make you question some of your market assumptions represents a great benefit. With time you get workshop blindness, but when you have access to a fresh mind that asks you the right questions and is proactive, as is the case with TechBA consultants, it leads you to improve and break paradigms" says Lozano.

    The CONACYT-TechBA validation program helped the company increase its international presence, contact potential investors and create strategic alliances. 

    "With TechBA it is clear to us that there are better ways to do things to be a global company",  says the executive.

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  • Gustavo Esquer
    Geneeral Manager of Maquinados y Tecnología, MyT


    A decade ago, Gustavo Adolfo Esquer and Roberto Carlos Ibarra decided to create MyT an advanced manufacturing company with business units in integration, machining and tooling. MyT currently employs 47 people who contribute to the company s constant growth.

    In 2015 MyT began the acceleration process with TechBA to meet with the growing market demand. TechBA provided a global vision of business, market analysis and access to international consultants, experts in the sectors it serves, this better orienting its business strategy.

    In June 2017, it inaugurated  an industrial plant in Ciudad Obregón Sonora, with which it seeks to become a 4.0 manufacturing company, generate more high value jobs in that state and have greater capacity to compete in startegic sectors.

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