FUMEC is an ally for companies that seek to accelerate their link with production chains and incorporate more national inputs to tractor productions

The tractor companies  establisehd in Mexico set important purchase goals from national suppliers in strategic sectors such as aerospace, automotive, food, among other, for which FUMEC supports small and medium enterprises (SEMs), helps them improve their levels of competitiveness and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the current economic situation.

An example of the support that FUMEC can generate is the study carried out in collaboration with FEMIA: Research applied to the development of better support tools to promote the ecosystem of suppliers for the aerospace industry of high impact in Mexico

At the same time, it has developed an open innovation model that starts from the requirements of tractor companies and incorporates entrepreneurs to develop their innovation capabilities that allows them to face the challenges. Such is the case of the work of PROCOMER and FUMEC in Costa Rica.


FUMEC has developed an Open Innovation methodology for Promotora del Comercio Exterior in Costa Rica (PROCOMER).

The project is aimed at entrepreneurs, SMEs, and multinational companies located in Costa Rica from various productive sectors. This program seeks to strengthen the production chains of that country with a view to the export of high value-added goods and services that contain a component of innovation.

FUMEC developed the web platform The Blueprint (theblueprintprocomer.com/) which is responsible for linking companies that pose a challenge with companies and entrepreneurs that respond to it with a technological and innovative solution.

As part of this effort, FUMEC also gave Design Thinking workshops to detect companies that could participate in the challenges.