In alliance with state governments, business associations and clusters, FUMEC promotes the development of niche ecosystems, emphasizing the integration of innovation networks, the promotion of new human resource training programs, as well as the involvement of national and international actors  that can support the incorporation of companies into new values chains.

Fumec has developed a great capacity to identify and incorporate organizations, specialized talents and institutions that support companies in innovation processes. These networks also integrate tractor companies as well as contacts with niche ecosystems at the international level.


The State and Regional Innovation Agendas that FUMEC developed in coordination with the CONACYT  (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología by its Spanish acronymNational Council of Science and Technology, through its Deputy Directorate of Regional Development, aim to contribute to the economic development of the country by taking full advantage of its innovative potential, by generating reference documents containing a shared vision between government, academia, industry and society.

The State Innovation Agendas project culminated in 2015 is based on CONACYT´s need for instruments that allow it to direct its regional development policies.

To carry out this project, CONACYT hired FUMEC as its general coordinator and developed nine state agendas.

In the web portal developed for this project ( you can  consult the 32 State Innovation Agendas. In order to carry out these Agendas, the business, academic and governmental sectors participated. In total, 3,310 people from 1,651 organizations participated, as well as public and private organizations.

You can also find here the Technical Memory of the project.