The Mexico-United States Foundation for Science A.C. (FUMEC) is a non-governmental organization created at the end of 1992 based on a binational agreement, with the mission of promoting and supporting collaboration in science, technology and economic development based on innovation both countries.

For this, it has integrated programs focused on the following areas: 

  • Development of talents at all levels of the education system. 
  • Economic development based on innovation. 
  • Development of binational collaboration programs related to the border. 
  • Collaboration in the solution of issues related to climate change and health. 

FUMEC is recognized as an organization that anticipates technological trends and that is agile in the way to build collaborative synergies: 

  • It develops entrepreneurs, companies and ecosystems in sectors such as automotive, agroindustrial, aerospace and energy.
  • It promotes new public policy mechanisms to strengthen innovation and the generation of specialized talent.

Thanks to its national and international networks, the Foundation facilitates the identification and adoption of models that can boost innovation in entrepreneurs, businesses and ecosystems. This line of action has allowed FUMEC to be a pioneer in mechanisms such as international acceleration processes, agile entrepreneurship, planning for the development of regional innovation ecosystems, among others.

The portfolio of mechanisms that has been developed is presented in the following scheme:

Within the area of Economic Development Based on Innovation, FUMEC, over 25 years, has served a total of 4,365 companies, 767 entrepreneurs and 1,275 small producers; it has collaborated with more than 200 universities, institutes and organisms that promote economic development and has mobilized more than 1,996 million pesos for its programs.