U.S. Congressman George E. Brown, Jr., played a key role in the formation and consolidation of FUMEC.

As Chairman of the Committee of Science and Technology of the House of Representatives of the United States, Brown defended the need to strengthen binational exchange in these areas and carried out work in the United States that allowed to obtain an initial contribution of about 11 million dollars , with an equivalent contribution from the Mexican side, to integrate the Patrimonial Support Fund of FUMEC, which was an exceptional event within the supports that the two governments grant to nongovernmental organizations.

Congressman Brown was a tireless promoter of science and technology. He left an important legacy that was reflected in improvements to the science and technology programs of the United States, highlighting the collaboration with other countries in this field.

Continuing with the spirit of collaboration that distinguished the work of Congressman George E. Brown, Jr., FUMEC seeks to be an entity that articulates binational efforts by identifiying opportunities, creating synergies, integrating programs with objectives of binational interest and searching results in the areas in which it works.