FUMEC has three Models of Industrial and Technological Extensionism which seek to promote innovation in companies helping to improve their productivity and competitiveness.


In 1999, FUMEC created the SATE (Sistema de Asistencia Tecnológico Empresarial by its Spanish acronym)  model that impacts the technological, business and innovation areas of companies. In order to operate, it has technological-business advisors  whose purpose is to support SMEs by orienting their strategies towards innovation and technological improvement, focusing on high-value sectors and niches, articulation and customization of support  programs and instruments, collaboration with governments, states, municipalities and business groups.

This model has served nearly 400 companies from Automotive, Information and Communication Technologies, Food, Plastics, and Sustainable Technologies sectors and focuses on improving the productivity and competitiveness of those interested in participating.

The SATE seeks:

  • Increase the innovation portfolio.
  • Internationalize companies.
  • Foster the entrepreneurial and innovative culture.
  • Promote creativity
  • Generate new leaders.
  • Identify new market opportunities and help companies migrate to them.
  • Generate intellectual property
  • Promote innovation in companies, the integration of innovation projects and the identification of funding opportunities


As a result of the programs that FUMEC promotes to help companies adopt Industry 4.0 (I.4) technologies, it generated a Diploma in Extensionism that is aimed at professionals with experience in the automotive, household appliances, plastics, manufacturing in general, ICT, academic centers and technological development interested in becoming involved in the industry for the development of projects. 

The objective of the diploma is that participants acquire knowledge, tools and skills to perform as certified extensionists capable of interacting effectively with companies, especially SMEs, detecting opportunities for competitive improvement and promote the adoption of digital manufacturing technologies and Industry 4.0, perform business diagnostics services  and technology  in manufacturing companies, developing work proposals to improve their competitiveness.

For more information visit: ceprodi4-0.org/taller_extensionismo/


Based on FUMEC´s experience in the SATE, CONACYT asked FUMEC to coordinate a project to develop a scalable methodology that was implemented in 600 companies in the automotive and agroindustrial sector in six states of the Mexican Republic.

This model may be adapted to different sectors and regions, seeking to significantly impact on indicators of productivity and competitiveness of companies and in turn, strengthen their interactions with regional innovation ecosystems.

The model was developed  from international best practices, but adapted to the economic and institutional reality of the country and considering the automotive and agroindustrial sectors of great importance. Its  main benefits are:

  • Greater articulation and consolidation of a knowledge transfer network to SMEs for the adoption of technology and innovation
  • Improved knowledge on the part of industrial and technological extension services providers of the specialists in technological assimilation.