INNOVEC  is a program that promotes the use of SEVIC (Sistema de Enseñanza Vivencial e Indagatoría de la Ciencia for its acronyms in Spanish) Experential and Indagatory Science Education Systems  among basic education teachers in public schools in Mexico.

SEVIC strengthen  teaching practice through training and methodologies aimed at improving student learning, motivating them to solve problems and develop effective communication skills and logical reasoning.

A science class supported by SEVIC may include the management of living organisms, insects and various chemical, as well as activities designed for children to directly experience what it means to do science, so that the learning is lasting, allows them to keep asking questions and seek answers on their own. Various evaluations of these systems in countries such as France, Australia, Sweden, China and the United States have shown that SEVICs favors teamwork and critical thinking skills demanded by today s knowledge society

FUMEC created INNOVEC in 2002 with the idea of improving the quality of education at basic level and contributing to the formation of new generations prepared to understand current problems and propose solutions.    

The main line of action of INNOVEC are:

  • Design, development and evaluation processes of SEVIC
  • Development of support materials for science education
  • National and International alliances and networks in support of inquiry-based science education strengthened
  • International workshops and conferences on inquiry- based science education organized and held.

INNOVEC has drawn on the experience of institutions such as the Smithsonian Institution Science Education Center and is based on the model of the  U.S. National Science Resources Center in terms of curriculum, materials and evaluation.

To advance in the work of disseminating SEVIC at  the basic level, INNOVEC has the support of the Secretariat of Public Education, as well as state governments, universities and companies. During its trajectory, INNOVEC has trained 30,000 teachers and annually benefits nearly 400,000 students in various states of Mexico.

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