US experts support training in smart manufacturing in Mexico

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In order to promote smart manufacturing in Mexico, FUMEC is working on the creation of a series of introductory courses on design for intelligent manufacturing, as well as a pilot program to use digital modeling and simulation tools to support SMEs. Both initiatives are supported by the Mexican Secretary of Economy and are carried out in collaboration with the Universidad Tecnológica de Querétaro (UTEQ).

To advance in the creation of the courses, experts Sriram Evilayanoor and Gary Simon of the New York State University, Buffalo campus, visited the UTEQ on October 24 and 25, 2016 to offer feedback to the academics that are developing the introductory courses.

With a group of 22 professors from the Industrial and Automation and Information Technology Divisions, as well as UTEQ executives, the North American experts shared their knowledge about the development of intelligent manufacturing courses, based on the experience acquired in the Program of Intelligent Manufacturing Training developed by the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) in Chicago.

During the visit of these specialists, the UTEQ director, José Carlos Arredondo Velázquez, stated that "the effort that is incipient today, and that starts with very concrete actions, can lead to very important consequences for us." In addition, he emphasized the commitment of FUMEC through its Executive Director, Guillermo Fernandez de la Garza, to carry out these two initiatives.


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