We strengthen the value chain of chile habanero in Yucatan

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Around 40 companies from Yucatan engaged in the production, processing and comercialization of chile habanero are being trained in food safety and are given advice to grow and develop their innovative potential.

These are some of the benefits of the Integral Program of Business Innovation that the Secretary of Economic Promotion of Yucatan and FUMEC launched in August of 2016, and which will promote those companies to make them more competitive improving internal processes, products, Business models, among other aspects.

Likewise, it is intended that entrepreneurs and farmers of chile habanero develop capacities to export their products, for which they have carried out training that seeks to certify them in matters of safety, good practices and social responsibility.

This project seeks that at least eight companies obtain a safety certification according to their level of compliance and capacity. So far, 10 companies have already started their innovation processes.

The initiative, which will culminate in August this year, also seeks to link the various companies that are based in the state to create new alliances in this sector that is one of the most important for the economy of Yucatan.

In addition, to achieve the objectives described, those companies are advised through the Business Technology Assistance System (SATE in spanish), developed by FUMEC, which gives them the possibility of an accompaniment provided by FUMEC consultants at each step of the process.

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