The new generation of the FUMEC Engineering Basics Program gets graduated

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The sixth generation of the Engineering Basics Program (PBI) of the College of Scientific and Technological Studies of the State of Querétaro (CECyTEQ), held its graduation ceremony led by the Secretary of Education of Querétaro, José Alfredo Botello, who gave recognition to the 331 young graduates, 280 of whom will continue their studies at the higher level, being 175 who will focus on engineering or related careers.

In the auditorium Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, educational authorities and parents met with students from the Corregidora, Huimilpan, Menchaca, Montenegro, Pedro Escobedo, Querétaro and San Juan del Río schools, who finished their studies in areas such as Industrial Maintenance, Programming , Electronics, Electricity, Industrial Production and Mechatronics.

The Secretary of Education emphasized that the PBI, whose main objective is to boost the interest of high school students in the exact sciences and research, had its origin thanks to the support of the United States-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC), with the purpose of guiding the young people and ensuring the continuity of their studies towards higher education, especially engineering, through extracurricular subjects focused on science.


During the event, Luis Fernando Pantoja, Director General of CECYTEQ, highlighted that the PBI complements the preparation of students to position themselves as future researchers and project leaders in universities.

The Executive Director of FUMEC, Guillermo Fernández, emphasized that the success of the PBI is due to the provision, delivery and sacrifice of students, families, teachers and all those who collaborate to make the project possible. He also said that the program projects its graduates as the engineers of the future who, in due course, will contribute to the development of science and technology in Mexico to increase the competitiveness of our country.

Throughout the baccalaureate, the students participated in the convocations as New Scientific and Technological Talents, Expo Ingenierías in the Technological Institute of Querétaro (ITQ), National Science and Engineering Fair, and Intel ISEF (International Science Engineering Fair), through the presentation of many projects. They also had presence in science workshops, pre-university programs, conferences and congresses of higher education institutions and research centers.

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