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Dulces Feria

With tamarind candies, homemade coffee, personal care products, totopostes, handmade embroidery, clay handicrafts, peanut, chilpaya and pineapple vinegar sauces, the FUMEC Incubator was present on July 29 and 30 at the PRONAFIM (National Program for Financing the Microentrepreneurs) 2017 with 11 microentrepreneurs to whom it has supported.

This microenterprise meeting, organized by the Ministry of Economy through PRONAFIM and attended by more than 8 thousand guests, focused on textiles, handicrafts, typical candies, jewelry, clothing and footwear.

Dulces de tamarindo

At the event, which took place at the East Pavilion of the Sports Palace in Mexico City, Ana María Dionicio, benefited by the FUMEC Incubator, works to build her dream: to see that the tamarind candies she makes comes to all the country and the corners of the world.

"I make this candy with the recipe of my mother, which I perfected", says the microentrepreneur from the Milpa Alta delegation in Mexico City, and who until a few months ago sold this traditional candy, better known as tarugo, outside of the schools.

For six months, through a linkage promoted by the National Institute of Women (Inmujeres), Ana Maria, who is a single mother, met the FUMEC Incubator and since then has been able to take advantage of the advice they have been given her.

"They have helped me a lot, especially in the administrative, I didn’t know how to get prices and production costs, and that has helped me a lot to generate better income", says the microentrepreneur, who is currently looking to register her brand, "Jay" and start to build the dream she didn’t imagine until recently: being a great businesswoman.

Salsas caseras

Another example of women with big plans are the sisters María Victoria and Mercedes Elena Elías, who, together with Uriel Muñiz, son of Mercedes, make homemade sauces of chipotle, chilpaya and tree chili with peanuts.

From San Andrés Tuxtla, Veracruz, they have been making “Beckymer” sauces for over 10 years, but with the FUMEC Incubator, with whom they began their incubation two and a half years ago, they have set significant goals and achievements, says María Victoria.

"The incubator FUMEC has supported us in many ways, with training and knowledge of how to run a company and which we didn’t have. And because of that we have been given the opportunity to put our sauces in self-service stores throughout the Tuxtlas region, which has grown a lot".

"Before, we were stuck, but with this training we have been able to move forward", says the microentrepreneur, adding that among its immediate plans is to continue to grow and consolidate its sales in the local market.

Hermelinda Eslava Cásares, from Huachinango, Puebla, is another successful case that the FUMEC Incubator took to the PRONAFIM Fair, which seeks to encourage the consumption of products made by Mexican hands through the marketing of products of almost 150 microentrepreneurs of all Regions of the country.

Feria PRONAFIN stand

"I belong to an artisan group called Nomahua, made up mostly of women, and we make a variety of things, traditional embroidery, ground and seasoned chilies, jewelry and other things", Hermelinda says.

This group, which met the FUMEC Incubator a year ago through a federal program, realizes the importance of training. "The help of the Incubator has helped us a lot, before we didn’t know how to get the cost of production, we were giving away our work, now we already see profit to what we sell", says Hermelinda.

Currently the products that Nomahua generates are sold in the locality from which they come thanks to the influx of tourism, and although they don’t have establishments or a well-established distributor, the help they received from FUMEC has been quite satisfactory, since "We see good growth, especially in the quality of life we have now,", says the microentrepreneur.

It’s worth mentioning that the FUMEC Incubator has trained 5,000 young people and 1,200 women in entrepreneurship issues, as well as 760 entrepreneurs with scarce resources, and has incubated 145 projects.

To access more photographs of the event and the products that the companies supported by the FUMEC Incubator offer, click here.


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