We facilitate innovation processes in companies at the Reynosa-McAllen region to boost their productivity and growth

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FUMEC has set in motion a set of actions that seek to take advantage of the development potential that exists in the Reynosa-McAllen region, to facilitate the promotion of companies with processes of innovation in mainly manufacturing issues, with the support of the government, universities and institutes of research in Mexico and the United States.

These actions are aimed at generating an active participation of the business community, of the governmental organizations that are promoting development in the region, and of several universities.

One of the areas of opportunity that FUMEC has identified is the need to promote the development of molds, dies and tooling companies and, on the other hand, to promote companies that offer services and products related to the automation of production lines.

In this region, there are several large and important companies that demand this type of services. However, it should be noted that automation companies have started to develop, for example, that started their work in the localities and now generate automated assembly lines in the automotive industry for the national and international market, what is the account of the importance to promote more actions that drive similar developments.

With the support of the McAllen Economic Development Corporation (EDC), we have worked with the business community of the city of Reynosa to encourage and define strategies that facilitate the participation of businesses and the community at large.

In that sense, work has started on the design and implementation of strategies that will first support a favorable economic and social climate in the region and, secondly, that spaces be created to develop programs that, through innovation, generate local business development.

As a result, FUMEC has established a collaborative relationship with the new Business Council for Economic Development of northern Tamaulipas based in Reynosa, and with municipal and state authorities such as the Ministry of Economic Development of Tamaulipas.

Also supported by McAllen EDC and Texas A&M University, FUMEC has reviewed a strategy on how to foster greater linkage of the new unit that the university is creating in the McAllen region with the needs of highly skilled, the applied research in technological development that the companies of the region require.

It should also be noted that a collaborative relationship has been initiated with South Texas College, the largest in the region, to set up collaborative programs primarily with Mexican institutions that have the experience and capacity to train technicians and engineers for molds, dies and tooling.

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