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Growth in sales, jobs, certifications, exploration and link with new markets are some of the results obtained by the selected companies.

As part of the Innovation and Business Forum 2017 (IBF) event organized by Coparmex for business leaders, TechBA, a program of the United States-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC) to boost innovation-based economic development, presented results and Success of the 25-company acceleration process initiative, which began in August 2016 and concluded in May 2017.

The selected companies received advice and tools for the implementation of best business practices, accelerating their growth and projection in the market. The companies Recubrimientos ecológicos y reciclados (a3p), Dimoplast, Diseni, Moldeo de Plásticos FAR, La Vela Feliz, are some success cases of this initiative with Coparmex and that TechBA presented in IBF 2017.

At IBF, which took place this year at the Convention and Exhibition Center in Toluca, Coparmex presented success stories, conferences and designed an exhibition space, where TechBA was present, aimed at key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mexico with the Objective to raise awareness of the importance of innovating to solve the challenges of today's world.

In particular, Víctor Pagaza, Director of a3p, participated in a panel where he shared with the attendees of IBF 2017 the experience of working with FUMEC and its TechBA program as well as its innovative offer.

Pagaza recycles tires, PET and Unicel and converts them into coatings, waterproofing and paints, which changes the paradigm of waterproof coatings that exist in the market by offering solutions up to two and a half millimeters thick.

"Opening a company with passion works, but you must integrate a system like the one offered by Coparmex and FUMEC, in the sense that they help you to clarify perfectly who your customers are, what is the value of your product, the marketing strategy and that you perfectly manage your offer with appropriate proposals to customer per customer", says Pagaza.

In general, the results of the Coparmex - FUMEC - TechBA acceleration program in the aforementioned period include certifications, exploration and liaison with new markets, process improvement, technological surveillance, validation and launch of new products, An average increase of jobs of 7.35% and average growth in sales of 21.96%.

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