In 2018, begins operations in Querétaro the new Regional Center for Productivity and Innovation 4.0

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The Secretariat of Sustainable Development of the state of Queretaro (Sedesu), the Ministry of Economy of Mexico (SE), the Technological University of Querétaro (UTEQ) and the Mexico-United States Foundation for Science (FUMEC), will form the new Regional Center for Productivity and Innovation 4.0 (CEPRODI 4.0), which will serve companies in the automotive, household appliances, plastics and metalworking manufacturing sectors of the state of Querétaro and the Bajio region.

The new center will offer various services for small, medium and large companies to adopt the use of digital and advanced manufacturing tools, which, at the same time, impulse the Industry 4.0 (I-4.0) in the region.

This was announced by Guillermo Fernández de la Garza, Executive Director of FUMEC in his conference "Industry 4.0, platform for productivity, diversification and growth of manufacturing", during the National Entrepreneur Week in Mexico City, who noted that the great challenge for counties like Mexico, is to take advantage of technological advances to improve productivity, building more profitable companies that can have better products and that enter with greater force the large chains in strategic sectors.

Fernandez de la Garza exemplified that Mexico has large areas of opportunity such as in the manufacture of molds, a business in which imports about 10 billion dollars, and the challenge is to meet that demand from our country.

Benefit for companies

CEPRODI 4.0, will have an investment of more than 15 million pesos (mdp) from the SE through the Program for the Development of the Software Industry (PROSOFT), the Sedesu and FUMEC, and will be based in the UTEQ facilities, beginning operations in early 2018. In its initial stage, CEPRODI 4.0 will offer services to companies in the Bajio region that will help to adopt digital tools to make them more competitive, such as:

    • Training in digital manufacturing.

    • Training of extension workers in I-4.0.

    • Digitalization of process variables and performance indicators.

    • Data analysis (Big Data Analytics) of process variables, integrated into IoT and applications in the cloud.

    • Technological services for the design, modeling and simulation and rapid prototyping.

    • Pilot and demonstration projects through specialized consulting and infrastructure of the Center on issues such as the implementation of process variable digitization systems for calculating performance indicators; modeling and simulation for the creation of molds and dies, as well as in the development of prototypes.

It should be mentioned that, in general, companies that incorporate solutions such as those provided by the CEPRODI 4.0, reduce their production times and costs, as well as design, by up to 30 percent, so that participants can venture into chains of value that were previously out of reach.

The beneficiaries will have access to the network of national and international specialists of FUMEC, which guarantee the generation of the capacities required to promote regional competitiveness. Therefore, the automotive, information technology and plastics clusters of the state will also be invited to join this initiative and thus form much stronger networks of suppliers and customers.

It should be added that companies such as SIEMENS, INTEL and IBM, are already working with these organizations to promote capacity building related to the fourth industrial revolution, and who will also be integrated into CEPRODI 4.0 as facilitators of specialized tools that will make them available to companies. participants. Likewise, the company Visi Series of Mexico will be part of this consortium representing the business sector.

During the next months interviews with businessmen who want to participate will take place and events and meetings will be held designed so that they know the initiative and the scope that it can represent for its performance.


Industry 4.0

Guillermo Fernandez de la Garza said that this "is a great opportunity to promote the development of the state of Querétaro and the Bajío region, because it is the beginning of the consolidation of a platform that promotes productivity, growth and diversification of manufacturing".

He also clarified that the installation of this center is outlined by the strategies that the SE has raised in the matter and is possible thanks to the effort and alliance between the UTEQ, the Sedesu, the SE and FUMEC, who have put not only interest in the subject, but taken actions that result in the formation of CEPRODI 4.0.

When we talk about I-4.0, which means competitive manufacturing with high salaries, we talk about it being an opportunity for Mexico not to be a cheap labor force, but specialized, said the director of FUMEC.

"The current objective is that companies know how to take advantage of the technologies, that they know them and know in which cases they are useful. And for this we must set up programs for the training of personnel ", said Fernández de la Garza at the same time that he recognized the work of the SE to involve this issue in the national agenda.

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