FUMEC directs efforts towards the fifth industrial revolution

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More than 20 years of experience in support of mexican entrepreneurs backup FUMEC, which drives Mexico's economic development based on innovation with great

Transformation of jobs, business strategies, needs, are some challenges and for which FUMEC, through its programs, supports companies and develops ecosystems that facilitate being part of the changes in the market and take advantage of opportunities

The fifth industrial revolution transforms the needs of the market, jobs and requires new skills that require being prepared, said Lilia Arechavala, Operational Director of the US-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC) ) and General Director of TechBA, FUMEC program, during the conference that she gave as part of the National Entrepreneur Week 2017 in Mexico City.

In the opinion of Arechavala, a factory where most of the processes are carried out with robots, with simulation mechanisms, with the Internet of Things, with machines for 3D printing, it is a reality and those who seek to be part of it, need vision and constant training in order to face it, especially to anticipate the fifth technological revolution.

The fifth revolution integrates intelligent infrastructures and services to improve the quality of life, transforming energy, transportation, health services, education and leisure to be productive. This fifth revolution also includes design and construction with sustainable materials, integrating biotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology.

Hence, the TechBA program of FUMEC not only focuses on accelerating companies, but also on accelerating ecosystems that accompany them in the process of transformation and conquest of new markets.

"Our jobs are going to be transformed, if we train and train well, we can be at the forefront and conquer high-value niches for which FUMEC and its programs have experience," said Arechavala.

FUMEC is a binational organization that promotes the best mechanisms to facilitate and create innovation capacities in entrepreneurs, in small and medium enterprises or in value chains and to look for allies to support them.

"That search is for the purpose of adding innovation in critical sectors for Mexico such as advanced manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, heavy industry, agro-industry, energy and sustainability, and, that know us by our ability to articulate and generate synergies among all actors involved in economic development, "said Arechavala.

From the point of view of business development, FUMEC through TechBA, accelerates national and international companies and creates bridges to facilitate mexican companies to know international markets and companies from other countries to explore opportunities in Mexico, as part of a strategy that identifies as crosslanding.

Thanks to these articulation processes, FUMEC, through its programs, has managed to work with 3 thousand 204 innovative companies and 519 entrepreneurial teams with the support of its experts in LeanStartup, Intellectual Property and other tools of FUMEC for the creation and development of companies.

"We must learn to control the value chains, we must have national and international alliances, to know in depth the opportunities in Industry 4.0 to have intelligent systems of production, manufacturing, logistics and marketing", she recommended.

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