Environment and Health

The future of ecosystems and humans as species depend on the planet’s wellbeing, which is endangered by the effects of global climate change. In the last years, the awareness on this phenomenon has increased but more decisive actions and clearer commitments are still needed from governments, companies and citizens to diminish the emission of pollutants that are the main cause of global warming.

The initiatives to be undertaken for mitigating the damages caused by the greenhouse gases (GHG) are countless. For this reason, FUMEC has focused its efforts in a key aspect to reduce the emission of these gases: the development of tools and methodologies to calculate them in Mexico with the support of U.S. institutions that have long experience in this field.

These instruments allow us to know with precision the emissions generated by the industry, which favors the adoption of mechanisms to reduce them and also assess that they are within the acceptable levels.

Healthcare is another equally important aspect for the wellbeing of our societies. Infectious diseases and those originated for contaminated food are issues of common interest for Mexico and the U.S. given the food trade and the constant traffic of people between the two countries.

FUMEC has worked with health authorities at both sides of the border in order to support the activities of an Early Warning program with the aim to detect on time any infectious outbreak that can affect the public health and strengthening in this manner the collaboration in this important area.

On the other hand, with the purpose to guarantee the standards of the food we consume, the Food Safety program of the Foundation has developed a close collaboration with food producer companies to give them help them to adopt food safety measures for their products, which in many cases are exported to many places.

Contributing to reduce the effects of climate change, supporting epidemiological surveillance and strengthening food safety systems within the food industry are the main goals of FUMEC’s Environment and Health programmatic area.  

Global Climate Change

This project develops tools and methodologies to estimate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and polluting agents, in order to strengthen the capacities of different sectors to generate reliable inventories of these emissions to the atmosphere. This will allow them to adopt suitable measures to control the generated emissions, as well as to participate in future flexible markets of interchange of permissions.

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Border Health, Collaboration with EWIDS Project

FUMEC has been the channel for the grants provided for the Early Warning Infectious Disease Program (EWIDS) operations. Its objective is to strengthen the early warning infectious disease surveillance in US-Mexico border.

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Food Safety

The Food Safety program has adapted methodologies to strengthen food SMEs' competitiveness and help them to aquire the elements needed to improve the commercialization of their products in the national and international markets.

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