Support Program for the Development and Registration of the Industrial Property (IMPI-FUMEC-NAFIN)

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This program seeks to encourage innovation in Mexico through a better use of government support for the registration of ideas and knowledge eligible for legal protection, especially that generated by educational institutions, research centers, companies and inventors.

The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), Nacional Financiera (NAFIN) and FUMEC created this program with the purpose of supporting inventive, technological and commercial activity in Mexico, promoting the creation and development of new technologies for the benefit of society. This program seeks to:

Promote registration of industrial property with high scientific, technological, commercial and social value in Mexico.
Position Mexico as an innovative country that meets international standards.
Add value to the knowledge of Mexican entrepreneurs and inventors.


Program Benefits

For inventors:

  • Support during their process of innovation.
  • Access to specialized knwoledge focused on the market for the inventions to have greater impact.
  • Interaction with experts in the commercial and international realms according to their products and services already registered or in the registration process.

For institutions:

  • Promoting their support programs aimed at strengthening inventiveness.
  • Use of that support by beneficiaries with high potential.
  • Coordinated efforts between institutions and presentation of supplementary support for the final beneficiary.

For the country:

  • Promoting the development of Mexican scientific and technological knowledge.
  • Promotion of initiatives that promote the culture of innovation in Mexico.


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