Bilateral Forum on Higher Education, Research and Innovation (FOBESII)


FOBESII was created to promote binational cooperation in higher education and research, especially regarding important areas for innovation in businesses in the two countries. It feels that talent in science and engineering, as well as in entrepreneurial talent, are keys to regional competitiveness.

In Mexico, the FOBESII is headed by the Ministry of Education and (SEP) and the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT); and in the United States by the State Department and the Department of Education.

The vision of FOBESII is to create a 21st Century workforce that accelerates progress in the region. Its mission is to promote programs for student mobility, academic exchange, research and innovation in areas of common interest and to contribute to the competitiveness and economic development of the region.

To accomplish this, FOBESII proposes the strengthening of ties and cooperation between governments, higher education institutions, civil society and the private sector in Mexico and the United States.

  • Cooperation with the Industry & University Cooperative Research Program (I/UCRC): This program was created by the National Science Foundation of the United States to encourage schools to form specialists according to the profiles that emerge from the innovation strategies of the participating companies. This initiative seeks to use the successful model of the I/UCRC in Mexico.

  • Collaboration with the American Chamber: It aims to facilitate collaboration between Mexican and the U.S. universities, in order to improve the training of engineers and scientists who require U.S. companies operating in Mexico, especially for their engineering functions, specialized software and research and development.

  • Unique Potential of the US_Mexico Border: This initiative seeks to exploit the potential of the border between Mexico and the United States to expand bilateral cooperation in higher education.


For further information on FOBESII visit the website of the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles by clicking here.