BIMI: Binational Intelligent Manufacturing Initiative

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The Mexico-United States Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council (MUSEIC) is an initiative created by Presidents Obama and Peña Nieto in May 2013 under the High Level Economic Dialogue to promote competitiveness and connectivity, boost economic growth and innovation, and partner in advanced manufacturing. MUSEIC is formed of several subcommittees, including the Technology Commercialization Subcommittee which has the Binational Manufacturing Initiative (BIMI) as its primary focus.

BIMI provides an effective means of making manufacturing along the U.S.-Mexico Border globally competitive by taking a holistic approach by incorporating advanced Information and Communications Technologies into all the major manufacturing elements:

• Integrated Basic and Applied Research and Development
• Optimized Work Flow Control
• Big Data / Useful Information Extraction
• Inclusive Modeling and Simulation
• SME Creation and Growth
• System-Wide Networking / Partnering
• Responsive Manufacturing
• Advanced Materials / Technologies / Maintenance
• Environmental Awareness / Life Cycle Awareness
• ICT-Skilled Workforce
• Regulatory Issues
• Targeted Investments

The integration of these elements provides an effective and sustainable approach to Intelligent Manufacturing that has the potential to advance a U.S.-Mexico advanced manufacturing partnership in achieving a leadership position in the global economy.

The Mission of BIMI is simple yet ambitious: Make the U.S.-Mexico Border the world’s largest manufacturing zone. Our goal to achieve this Mission is also simple: We will work with BIMI members to make products better, cheaper, faster, cleaner. The unique value proposition of BIMI is that we provide horizontal integration and coordination among all the organizations and programs connected to manufacturing across and along the U.S.-Mexico Border.

The recently concluded US-Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue (HLED) issued a joint statement highlighting that for 2016 one of the priorities is to “work through the Binational Intelligent Manufacturing Initiative (BIMI) to streamline IT capacities into all major elements of the manufacturing process along the border”. This is a validation of the BIMI program that has been launched under the auspices of MUSEIC and is managed by FUMEC.

The BIMI organization we have set up may be considered as on a mega-economic development entity that aims to cooperate with regional economic development organizations, the private sector, and academia to jointly work on programs for mutual benefit.