TechBA: International Technology Business Accelerator


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The TechBA program was created in 2004 by FUMEC and the Ministry of Economy with the goal of facilitating the access of Mexican technology companies to the most dynamic business ecosystems in the world, through a range of services to help them accelerate and grow.

The TechBA acceleration model allows companies to make strategic alliances and link to innovation networks that allow them to leverage existing resources in the most productive and innovative ecosystems.

This program has eight offices in cities with specialized and highly competitive economic activity such as: Arizona, Austin, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Michigan, Montreal, Vancouver and Madrid.

Additionally, the TechBA headquarters has access to a network of experts in specialized economic niches and with the support of key stakeholders and organizations,  contributes to the accelerated growth of companies. The continual advice from the experts helps companies improve their value by offering attractive products and services.



In each region, TechBA has partners with a proven track record of successful results in the acceleration of innovative companies.

Some examples  of these allies are:  IC2 (Innovation, Creativity and Capital Institute) at the University of Texas at Austin; Inno-center in Montreal; the Park scientific Madrid in Spain; TechTown in Michigan and SkySong in Arizona. In Silicon Valley, we have seen much success as a result of collaborations with Silicom Ventures, Software Development Forum, U.S. Market Access Center (U.S. MAC) and the City of San José.


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