Food Technologies


The Mexican food industry has been growing in recent decades. In addition to meeting the needs of more than 100 million Mexicans, this industry also addresses the growing demand for food products from abroad.

A group of researchers1 at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), has said that the food industry excels in the manufacturing sector “for its strategic importance, because it is responsible for providing food for a growing population, keeping it fresh since its production until its consumption, keeping the surplus, adding value to food products and satisfying new consumer needs.”

According to figures from the Ministry of Economy, Mexico has more than 30 000 enterprises engaged in food production including large domestic and foreign manufacturing firms and also small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) working at the local or regional levels. Nationally, food production in the country accounts for 23% of manufacturing GDP.

FUMEC has worked since its inception with food companies to help them to adopt food safety measures and has now expanded its business services to support innovation and strengthening of processed food companies through the following activities:

  • Mapping of the capabilities and profile of the companies in the food sector.
  • Analysis of business opportunities in high value niches at the international and national levels.
  • Support to SMEs working in this sector for the integration of their roadmaps and to identify their potential for innovation.
  • Integration of a work plan specific to the needs and interests of enterprises and their value proposition.
  • Detection of companies with the potential to bring their products to international markets.



1. These researchers are: Rosario Castañón, José Luis Solleiro and María del Carmen del Valle. The quote comes from the article "Estructura y perspectivas de la industria de alimentos en México," published in Comercio Exterior, Vol. 53, No. 2, February 2003. 

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