Development of Human Resources in Science and Technology

recursos humanos

Knowledge and technology have become the main axes of the productive process. The investment in education is a key element to achieve economic growth in all countries.

Education and training help to increase productivity and favor the participation of more people in the productive life. Also, the availability if qualified human resources in different knowledge areas and with vision to face new challenges, increases the enterprises’ competitiveness and, as a result, strengthens economies at local and national levels.

FUMEC recognizes the importance of education and training of qualified resources in the current knowledge society and, for this reason, facilitates the collaboration between Mexico and the Unites States in order to consolidate the formation of human resources in scientific and technological areas.

The INNOVEC program is an example of this collaboration. This program promotes the use of hands-on inquired centered methods of science teaching in the basic level of education, involving professors, students, entrepreneurs, scientists, and government officials at federal and local levels.

The implementation of these methods has had a great success in countries such as United States, China and France, were the results achieved demonstrate that students improve their learning abilities not only in scientific areas but also in literature and humanities.

On the other hand, FUMEC also promotes initiatives aimed at enhancing the teaching of mathematics, science and engineering among youngsters studying high school.

Another effort of this area are summer fellowships and visits of distinguished researchers and young scientists from Mexico and the United States, exchanges that are supported by the Foundation in close collaboration with the Mexican Academy of Sciences.

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